Third Grade Thoughts

November 2019

Teacher Contacts

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Mrs. Johnson -

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Mrs. Wayson -

What We Are Learning:


Reading develops your child's brain, provides a window into the world around you, and helps kids do better in all school subjects.

Students should be reading 20-30 minutes per night. Asking your child questions as they read can help with their comprehension of the text. Some questions you can ask them are: What is happening in the story? What helped you to know that? Give me a few examples of ____ from your story. What do you think is going to happen in the next chapter?

Even big kids love to be read to by an adult. Make it fun; as you read picture books look at all the pictures, use voices for the characters, and predict how the story will end. Find an age appropriate chapter book to read as a family. Read a chapter each night before bed.


We are now learning to multiply! You can buy a set of flashcards at the Dollar Store or have your student make their own. Students can also practice their facts on or each day at school and home.

We will begin our mulitiplication fact competition soon to see who can get through all of their facts first! There will be a Clinkscale Cash reward!!!

Important Dates:

November 1 - End of 2nd Six Weeks Grading Period

November 7 - Report Cards Sent Home

November 8 - Russell Farms Field Trip

*Wear Clinkscale shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and jacket. Bring a sack lunch and drink.

November 25 - 29 - Thanksgiving Holiday