Striped Hyena

By E.Y.


  • Body length: 3.2-3.9 feet. (S. Diego Zoo)
  • Weight: 49-120 pounds. (S. Diego Zoo)
  • Shoulder Height: 2-3 feet. (S. Diego Zoo)
  • A mammal.
  • Yellow/brown fur.
  • Grayish mane down neck.
  • Excited or threatened, its mane can stick up, making it apper larger.
  • Communicates by leaving a scent, using body posture, or "laughing." (S. Hyena)
  • Nocturnal, or active after sundown.

Food Chain & Habitat

  • Travels alone or with a mate.
  • Eats small animals and fruit.
  • Lives in dry savannas.
  • Eastern Europe and North Africa.
  • Has no natural predatrors.
  • Lives in caves and burrows.
  • Female hyenas are dominant over the male hyena.
  • Chooses caves near a water sorce.


  • Fur colors allows camouflage.
  • Huge teeth can crush bones.
  • Short front legs allow to move quickly.
  • Nocturnal
  • Fur standing up can scare away predators.
  • Strong senses of hearing, and smell.

Reasons for Endangerments & Critical Information

  • Conflict with humans.
  • Poisoned by farmers.
  • Caught preying livestock.
  • Food is scarce.
  • Illegal to hunt endangered species.