World Religon Project

By: Taylor Turner


Christians believe thats there is believe there is Only One Unique God. they believe that he is God is Creator of everything, this vast universe,and All was created by His Word. They believe that He is Holy - pure - absolutely no evil can exist in or with Him. He is Just - which means that all wrongdoing will be punished.

God is LOVE - God loves us and he wants us to know Him so His Word became a man.

Major book is the bible that was written by the ( son of god ) Jesus of nazareth

Christianity is the largest religion there are 3 billions believers currently

the religion was found in C 33 AD

They have to live a current way they believe that they have to have faith in the true god and Christ's resurrection , do good works, and participate in sacrament.

Afterlife resurrection of the body and soul


Christmas Dec. 25 ( Jesus birthday)

epiphany ( Jan. 6)

Lent 40 days before easter

Easter date varies

They go to church every sunday for practice

and do a prayer every night