Global Lease Signing Service

AMBER Lodging Co.

Global Lease Signing Program (with individual private landlords)

• AMBER Lodging will review every lease, (i.e. private residence around the world) ensuring that the lease has consistent language to protect the Company, including lease break clauses and early repatriation provisions.

• AMBER Lodging will sign the leases. AMBER Lodging will assume the liability and insurance requirements for the property. {in countries were permitted}

• AMBER Lodging will immediately fund all deposits and rents in order to secure the property. No more waiting for Finance to cut a cheque or the need to pre-wire funds to AMBER Lodging before a deposit will be made.

• AMBER Lodging will become an advocate on behalf of the Company helping to minimize rent increases, and lease discrepancies. Moreover AMBER will advocate the return of all rental deposits.

• In several countries around the world, obtaining a copy of the official tax receipt is required when completing the home country tax return. AMBER Lodging will alleviate the burden for the Company’s Finance department or employee to obtain and maintain the tax receipts.

• AMBER Lodging will maintain a secure document repository allowing for instant global reporting capabilities.

This is especially popular for companies who wish to not have their employees sign leases and/or the regional HR group does not want to sign a lease with a private landlord.

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