..The Listener..


  • Vivid looking.
  • Bright eyes.
  • Long "mop" of coarse black hair.
  • Pale.
  • Very skinny.
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Simon is a kind, smart, and beautifully spirited boy. Against the unbelievable human evils in this book, Simon represents overall human goodness. He is not moral because he feels guilty of his old life. He is moral because he knows the value of being moral. Through the book, simon becomes more Christ like and sensible.

Key events.

There are many events in the book that are really big events. But two really big events start with Simon. In a assembly, all the boys think they've seen a beast. Simon speaks up at the end, and says "..maybe it's just us..". This is a key event because it's the truth by the end of this book. The next key event is the conversation with The Lord of the Flies. In both of these, he said that were the beast. That all the beast is, or ever will be, is us. Simons death is still the biggest event, because to me it resembles a "Christ like" death. Including the "light" around his head after his death.

Major Changes

Simon had no real major changes in this book. He was always really honest and kind hearted. The only change he really could've gone through was becoming more Christ like.


"What I mean is...maybe it's only us." (89)

"Pigs head on a stick." (143)