Hoosier Wave

Unique designs.


Graphic designing was not easy for me. I spent hundreds of hours teaching myself how to use a graphic design software program and I'm not finished. I like pushing myself and most of the time when I do, it pays off.

I am an Illinois transplant to the great state of Indiana about nine years ago. When I first moved to the La Porte area, I couldn't dismiss how many times people would wave to me while at a four way intersection, to go ahead and proceed through even though it was really their turn to go. Hence, the name "Hoosier Wave" was created.

I hope you enjoy visiting the various websites where you will find my designs. The direct to garment industry is growing by leaps and bounds, the companies I have chosen to work with are of high quality work. So please feel free to share with friends and relatives my designs and linking them through this great time of social media and keep coming back often to check out new designs.

Happy shopping!