AR AIMS AP Calculus Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 7

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AR AIMS Math Digital Learning Site


I hope you all are home and well like myself and my family. I'm going a little stir crazy but I am enjoying my work and walks around the neighborhood.

I have been working on our new AR AIMS Math Digital Learning Site daily - you can find it at the following link:

Bookmark the link and check it often! Also feel free to share it with other teachers. The site is open to anyone with the link.

Here are some of the resources available on the site:

  • Links to Zoom Videos recorded from the NMSI (National Math and Science Initiative) materials in 2018-2019. There are review videos on all topics. The videos do include multiple choice problems, but if you are assigning these to your students you could have them skip these if you would like, since the new exam format will only include Free Response Questions
  • Links to new videos (recorded by me!) that include both content and AP Review for Calculus (AB and BC) and AP Statistics. I am recording several new videos each week and uploading them to the site as soon as they are complete.
  • Links to the AP Calculus AB/BC and AP Statistics Videos from College Board. The presenters are some of the best in the country and the videos are great resources. I will update this page as soon as new videos are posted to the YouTube Channel.
  • Online Resources for courses from Grade 6 - Pre-Calculus

Please let me know if you need help with any of these resources!

Save the Date - Fall 2-Day Workshop October 5th and 6th

We are very excited to announce Bryan Passwater will be presenting at our Fall 2-Day Workshop October 5th and 6th!Bryan has worked for the College Board for many years as a Calculus Consultant and has been one of the teachers leading the BC Calculus College Board YouTube Videos.

Registration will begin late this summer!

Summer Vaught, AR AIMS Math Director