Software Developer

Career Description

Software Developers design and create programs and applications that will perform specific tasks. They also test and fix problems in the programs and applications to make them more efficient. Another responsibility is to maintain and improve the programs and applications by analyzing them. They both start programs from scratch and modify existing programs that we use in computers and other devices.

Salary and Projected Outlook 2020


The average salary for Software Developers is about 90,060. The highest paid ranges up to 138,880. The lowest paid ranges down to 55,190. They earn about $44.88 an hour.

Projected Outlook 2020

A 22.8 percent employment growth is projected between 2012-2022. It is much faster than average for all occupations. During 2012-2020, there is an estimated 139,900 jobs that will need to be filled. I

3 Colleges that Offer this Major