My career is to be an artist and on this paper are something you never know about a painter /artist . the first is Responsibilities and Requirements and the two is about finding a good job and money ,master degree.The 3 one is big work,is it cool for you .

The career of an art/painter has a lot of Responsibilities and Requirement .Painters have long times and day doing the job .Painter have to have a dream some painters have to make something at the people like.Some other thing at you have to do is stand for long times .Another thing is that to know about colors your have and how to make more colors .Some time you have to work with other people to get it done .

In my career i will need a good education so that i can find a good paying job.Painter make about $21.34 per hour and $ 44.380 a year .So i think that it is a great mounts of money It is not a easy job to do .You have to get a masters degree and it is a lot of thing to do to get the master degree. So having a good job when you need it and it will be a cool job .

Being a painter is a enormous work .You need to make sure that it is a right career for you . It can be not great but that is how it works and that is all job have to be hared . Ti is a great job for me because i love the color and I can take some time and i can do what I want . Ti is hard but later it is going to be great .

One thing I know for certain is next when you are done with your job. You can go look at all your art and you can never forget it because you have it.