Fragile X - Syndrome

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Symptoms Of This Illness

This cause behavioral, social, and emotional. It can also cause your body to be phyical which causes a narrow face, large head, large ears.....wait... but the ost important part is the it cause retardation.It occurs when the CCG repeat numbers ,trying to define Fragile x


15% of the people from 8,000 females and 4,000 males in the world suffers this disorder.

Do any famouse person have this disorder.

. No famouse person had this disorder because of retardation.
Animation of Fragile X Syndrome
Fragile X : A Family's Story

How does someone inhert this disorder?

-____-....... this is inherited if the gene is turned off ande if no protiens are made in the body.
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hypnotise yourself (melting walls)