Pink Floyd

BY: Alaina and Belle Smith

About The Band

Pink Floyd was an active band (1965-1983). The members of the band were Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright. The band was formed in Cambridge, England at Cambridge high school. Pink Floyd was an R and B band Sigma 6. Pink Floyd was also named in honor of blues' musicians pinkey "pink" Anderson and floyd council.
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Syd Barrett

His real name was Robert Keith. He Was born January 6, 1946 in Cambridge. He died in July 7,2006 in Cambridge.
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Roger Waters / David Gilmour / Rick Wright

Roger was born September 6, 1943 and age 69 in Great Bookham. Rogers height 6'3". Roger was one of the founding member and his first name was George. David Gilmour was the lead vocalist. David was born March 6, 1946 and the age of 67 was born in Cambridge. RIck was born July 28,1943 in Hatch End and died September 15, 2008 in London. Rick was with pink floyd from 1996- 2005

Nick Mason

His real name was Nicholas Berkeley, he was the onnly constant member ever since the band formed in 1965. He was born January 27,1944 age 69 in Birmingham.
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