The life you knew is gone.
The ones you love are dead.
The truth you crave is out there.
But can you find it?
The greatest story ever told has never been told like this.
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Author Bio

Ryan Casey Waller was born and riased in Texas, and educated at the University of Southern California, Perknis School of Theology at SMU, and Dedman School of Law at SMU. You can find him at www.ryancaseywaller.com or somewhere in the great city of Dallas.


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What people are saying:

  • I picked up this book immediately after finishing Bill O'Reilley's Killing Jesus and couldn't put it down. I loved the unique fictional take on a well known story, especially after recently reading Killing Jesus. The writing is engaging, the characters are deep and the story is fast paced. Waller did a phenomenal job of crafting a unique world with vivid descriptions that grabs hold of the reader's imagination. I'd easily recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed Hunger Games and/or Killing Jesus and I can't wait for the next volume.
  • I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon this book. I rarely read religious books, but this "thriller" has completely changed my opinion of the genre. Religious or not, anyone can enjoy this book and the excellently crafted metaphor of Christ's death that Mr. Waller has gifted us.
  • Regardless of your faith, this unique and fictional take on a well-known and well-worn text, makes readers reexamine what we think we know, may never know, and what we would be willing to fight for.