Team Awesome

November 11-15


Regular Math: We had to postpone our Expressions Test until Monday and Tuesday of this week (11/11-12). We will learn how to balance and algebraic equation this week using hands-on-equation. We will also begin our new contract this Friday.

Look for Math Maintenance this week:)

Regular Tutoring will be held this Wednesday Nov. 13 until 4:30.

Advanced Math - We will continue our work with algebraic equations. We will learn to find the relationship of the independent and dependent variable in a function table in order to write an algebraic equation.

POW will be posted on the website.

Advanced Tutoring will NOT be held this week.


This week we will learn about characteristics of ocean water such as composition, subsurface topography, and causes of waves. Small groups will devise a simple experiment to answer the question : Which is more dense, salt or fresh water?

Science Exposition: Students need to continue to work on their science project. Several handouts to aid in the process have been given out, including a rubric for each type of project (scientific inquiry, invention, and environmental innovation). The paper will be due on November 22nd and the display board will be due on December 6th.

Social Studies

Starting Economics in Latin America this week. Encourage your child to study the vocabulary and concepts a little each day. Will be meeting with students individually through the rest of November about Create a Country.