Angles Triangles Quadrilaterals

all types of each one

angle types

The first angle is acute, its less than 90 degrees. The second angle is right, its exactly 90 degrees. The third angle is obtuse, its more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.


The fist group is grouped by angles. Acute Triangle has 3 acute angles. Right Triangle has 1 right angle and 2 acute angles. Obtuse Triangle has 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles. The second group is grouped by sides. Scalene Triangle no congruent sides or angles. Isosceles Triangle 2 congruent sides and angles. Equilateral Triangle has 3 congruent sides and angles


Lets start with the most famous one the square, all angles are right and opposite sides are parallel. The rectangle is like the square,but its stretched out. The trapezoid is the only one with one pair of parallel sides. The parallelogram has opposite congruent sides and angles. The rhombus is like the parallelogram, but is smaller in lenght.