Prairie Life

By-Noah Boyd

My Antonia

By-Willa Cather

From the Road

When I first saw the prairie all i saw was tall grass and some trees, it didn't look all that exciting to me. I was also eating a sandwich so my mind wasn't all on the prairie it was mostly on the sandwich but when we got out of the bus and i looked around and it gave me an idea of how it must of looked like when Antonia was working on the farm. It probably looked something much like what was at the prairie, very hilly, with many holes and some trees.

Personal Connection

My personal connection to the land would be that i hunt on the land and if we didn't have that prairie/corn field type of areas then i wouldn't be able to go hunting because the deer wouldn't be around because they wouldn't be out looking for things to eat. So either way both of the areas benefit me in some way.

On the Prairie

When we went into the prairie and if you went off by yourself or with another person and were quite then you could listen to all the different sounds like the birds chirping and when ever the wind would make the grass move, it made it very peaceful, just sitting down in the middle of nowhere.

You saw more stuff when you actually went in, like different flowers, wildlife and how different it is in the prairie then from the bus.

I also wasn't very surprised with the prairie either just because i work with a farmer in the summer and i help him with cows and some of the cow pastures looked very similar to the prairie that we went to

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