Batmobile toy

A toy is on sale but you brought a coupon, which is better?

the batmobile toys original price is $26.99.

if the sale is 20% off but you brought a coupon you would first want to see how much 20% off would give you.

Finding the price of the discount:

To find the price of the toy with the discount you would need to multiply the original price by 0.2 since 20% is equal to 2 tenths.

-so 26.99x0.2= ''5.40 is the amount of money that the discount would save you, subtract that from the original price and you get the new price after the discount.''

- 26.99-5.40= ($21.59)

the coupon would save you $20 so you would subtract the two prices to get the new price

26.99-20.00= ''$6.99 would be the new price after the coupon''

Comparing the two new prices would show you which is a better save.

The discount would save you $5.40, pricing the toy at $21.59.

The coupon would save you $20.00, pricing the toy at $6.99.

to find the difference you would need to subtract the two new prices and see which one is better. (21.59-6.99=14.60)

The coupon would save you $14.60 more than the discount so going with the coupon would be the smarter move