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May 15, 2020

Thank you ALL!

It would be impossible for me to include all of those who have made such a significant contribution to all things remote learning. It truly does take a village! Here's a quick attempt nonetheless:

  • To our staff who (regardless of their role in our building) are connecting with one another and with students FAR beyond the typical school day to plan and check in on overall wellbeing.
  • To everyone for living our motto at Avoca West -- "See a need, fill a need." I continue to be amazed at the talent and passion of our staff and families, and am humbled at how quickly decisions were made and folks stepped in when I needed to be out. Thank you!
  • To our crew at school (Mr. J & Ms. Eva) who have been working to get the building extra clean and also were instrumental in getting student materials ready to roll out earlier this week.
  • To Mrs. Anthony, Ms. Fay, Nurse Theer, and Dr. Osburn for crushing it on supply pick up earlier this week. I am jealous they got to see your faces, but am grateful to have had time to continue recuperating at home.
  • To our PTC who is working to provide opportunities to engage our grade level families/parents through this time. I'm looking forward to joining the 1st grade families this Sunday! Thank you for your shared leadership in this time where we ALL need that support!
  • To Beth Dever and our Quest food service team who have been working each week to help meet the needs of our students and families who need support with food. Please don't hesitate to reach out to ask for help. It's what we do!
  • To our parents who are doing some incredible work at home for our students. We have always prided ourselves on our home-school partnerships, but no one could have foreseen the need to really step it up even more!
  • To our students who are BRAVEly taking this adventure with as much optimism as possible. As an adult, I know how much MY world has changed. Considering it through the eyes (and heart!) of a child is something very different. I love you all and am so proud of you. Keep working hard -- I know you have so many more things you'd prefer to be doing!

Be well, take care of each other and yourselves!

Parent Input for 2020-2021 School Year

We will be sectioning a bit differently this year, but I want to offer the opportunity for parents to give suggestions and impressions on behalf of our students. Our sectioning process will still include input from classroom teachers, special area teachers, and all of the many support staff we have at Avoca West. The hope is that with careful planning, we can design classroom communities which allow our students to be successful! The staff considers and balances many factors including:

  • Individual learning style
  • Student Combination
  • Support service needs
  • Social/Emotional needs
  • Gender balance
  • Teacher’s teaching style
  • Pupil service needs
  • Class size
  • Academic characteristics
  • Chronological age

If you would like to share information or specific needs that may help in the sectioning process, please keep your reasons tied to the factors above and refrain from making special requests for placement into a specific classroom for your child. Requests for a specific teacher will be returned to parents. If there is a teacher or student(s) with whom you have had a less than positive experience with in the past, you may share that in your communication as well. Parent input must be received in the office by May 22nd.

Understanding the AW Daily Schedule

Below you'll find an image of our general schedule for Avoca West. I know that many teachers may be finding opportunities to connect with students outside of those general guidelines, but please review it so that you can see the overall expectations of when your child should be engaging with his/her teachers and remote learning.

It is critical that you know that your child is not expected to be busy with remote learning for what would typically be a school day. As Dr. Osburn has shared previously, time spent at school is spent on SO much more than just academics. Transitions within the classroom, to different classrooms, from lunch, recess, and even in simply making sure that students are listening all take time -- and a lot of it! Parents and students are encouraged to use the schedule below as a general guideline to structure the day. During the afternoon time (noted as "Student Support Time"), students can reach out to teachers for individual help, parents can reach out for a quick update on how things are going, or there are often times to connect with classmates socially. Use this time, but know that it's not intended to be continued instruction beyond the morning time.

You'll also notice that there is time built in for Core & Encore activities as well -- Art, Music, PE, Tech, Spanish, Encore Literacy, Drama, and Science. Those teachers are eagerly awaiting to hear from their students and to see them participate! Plus...it keeps your student busy at home for longer!

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One More Quick Resource for Parents & Staff

We're all in this together -- and parenting while trying to work, teach, and survive at home with our kids is ROUGH! One of my weekly "me times" is to connect with fellow principals on topics close to us on Thursday nights for an interactive webinar. Some topics impact my practice as a leader, but the topic of "Parenting Through a Pandemic" was relevant more to me as a parent trying to juggle it all. I share it with you in case it helps to give some tips, but even more because it's important for us to realize this great unifier of us as parents trying to keep a BRAVE face and life together for so many during this time. Enjoy!
Help for Families Needing Food

We know many of our students and families are dealing with concerns around food at home. WE CAN HELP! Please click and fill out a form so that our food services can prepare for your children.❤️

Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to reach out to ask any of our office staff for help!