Covalent and Ionic Bonds

by Sophie

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Covalent Bond - Hydrogen and Hydrogen

The two hydrogen atoms are sharing their only electrons which means that it is a covalent bond. H2 is what is created.
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Covalent Bond - Hydrogen and Oxygen

The two hydrogen atoms share their electrons with the oxygen atom. Since it's sharing electrons, it's a covalent bond. It creates H2O, or water.
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Ionic Bond - Beryllium and Fluorine

The beryllium gives away one of its electrons to the fluorine which makes an ionic bond. The beryllium is positive and the fluorine is negative. This creates BeF, or beryllium fluoride.
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Ionic Bond - Lithium and Chlorine

The lithium gives one electron to the chlorine which makes it an ionic bond. The lithium is positive and the chlorine is negative. This creates LiCl, or lithium chloride.