Master's Research Poster Session

SMCM - 2015 MAT Cohort

2015 MAT Cohort- MRP Poster Session

Friday, Nov. 21st, 3:15-5:30pm

SMCM- Goodpaster Hall, room 230

  • Session 1: Secondary & K-12 MAT Interns, 3:15-4:15 pm
  • Session 2: Elementary & K-12 MAT Interns, 4:30-5:30 pm

Please join the Department of Educational Studies and the current MAT interns as they defend their Master's Research Project. It is an opportunity for you to learn about the research our interns are carrying out in the public schools and to offer feedback on their ideas.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Session 1: Secondary & K-12 MAT Interns, 3:15-4:15 pm

  • Allyson Devers- Thinking about Intelligence: How student views of intelligence influence academic performance
  • Amanda Squires- Group Projects with Technology: RealtimeBoard in a Math Classroom
  • Elizabeth Kelley- Shakespeare in translation: Using linguistic and contextual translation to teach Hamlet
  • Gabriela Principe- The Effects of Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Middle School Choral Classroom
  • Grace White- The Creative Side of Music: Using Notationless Composition as Practice and Assessment in a Middle School General Music Classroom
  • Gretchen Winch- Not Just His Story: Using Biography and Diversity to Increase Engagement in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Jacob Lang- Scaffolded Blogging in Student Writing Improvement
  • Katie Henry- Web-Based Discourse: Reflective Blogging to Encourage Student Motivation in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Kyle Blackiston- Improving Student Affect In Secondary Social Studies Classrooms
  • Leigh Emig- Combining Young Adult Literature and the Classics in a Secondary English Classroom
  • Lizi Pinkus- Globally Relevant Pedagogy in a Social Studies Classroom
  • Nick Byrne- Exploring Student Perceptions of Student-Teacher Relationships
  • Nicole Woodcock- The Big Squeeze: Exploring the Effects on Student On-Task Behavior
  • Rachel Heiss- You mean to say, students should talk more? Communication to increase sense of belonging and engagement
  • Samantha Cameron- Talking it out: Social construction of knowledge about Israel and Palestine
  • Whitney Nyman- Social Justice in the Social Studies Classroom: Using Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to Promote Civic Engagement

Session 2: Elementary & K-12 MAT Interns, 4:30-5:30 pm

  • Amanda Kind- Teaching Computer Science in Early Elementary: Is there a gender difference in self-efficacy, attitude, and confidence?
  • Emily Grey- Jigsaw Instruction: Improving Student-Peer Relationships and the Effects on School Performance
  • Julia Gardner- Tell Me About Your Day: Do Informal Conversations with Elementary School Students Improve Engagement, Relatedness, Belonging?
  • Leila Kurman & Marisa Steiger- “Can You Hear Me Now?”: Understanding English Language Learners’ Oral Language Proficiency through Voice Recording Applications
  • Sarah Harnish- The Impact of A Classroom Garden in the Inclusive Classroom
  • Elena Collett- You Have a Choice: The Power of Options in the Intrinsic Motivation of Kindergarten Students
  • Gabrielle Collins- Language to Motivate Learning: the Power of Inspirational Quotes
  • Gino Hannah- Elementary Particles: What Will "Emerge?"
  • J. Margaret Schmidt- Flexing the wings of presentation skills: How teaching improvisation skills builds students' confidence in public speaking
  • Jenny Kolb- "Carving Out Time for Curiosity": The Effects of Student Questions on Intrinsic Motivation
  • Kaitlyn Lindsay- Reflective Discipline: Understanding the Influence of Self-Reflection on Student Behavior
  • Kristen Kamin- Holding a Mirror to Behavior: The Power of Reflecting on Positive and Negative Behaviors
  • Mia Bullock- Two Sides of the Same Coin: Students' and Teachers' Beliefs on Good Teaching
  • Natalie Ulrick- 1-2-3 Reflect: Understanding how reflection influences behaviors