Scentsy Holly Jolly December

Lets Do This!!! Rock out 2015

It's December!! Want tons of Holiday Sales??

December is a weird month but can and usually is just as crazy as November IF you work! Your easiest sales will come this month! Look at your calendar, look at your last day you're willing to run orders around and then count back 10 business days. The official shipping deadline is the 17th for Scentsy - but that will involve making Christmas Eve deliveries. Here's what I PERSONALLY do and I have a great December!

TODAY: Get all of your basket parties out! Work until they're all gone.
THIS WEEK: Send a daily email with a Christmas gift idea to my entire contact list.

DEC 10: This is my personal ordering deadline since we leave town for Christmas. I close my basket parties and have them shipped TO the hosts along with a thank you gift to them for sorting their own party. I give her a cute package with the yellow order form copies and labels and ribbons and extra bags for her along with a little package/gift (often a 3pk of bars) and a "coupon" for the next year. (Free bar with her first $50 order of 2016!) I also put candy canes in for her guests.

12/10-12/17: I work my online Facebook game like crazy - Facebook parties and online orders galore! I offer a free gift privately with ALL orders since they'll all pay shipping individually. (It's a scent circle or a porcelain ornament and I don't usually say that beforehand - that way I can choose)

It's NORMAL to have a HUGE December - but you can't check out early!

I love you and there's nothing you can do about it!
❤️ Jilleysue
Your Scentsy SuperStar Director
Texts Only: (954) 304-4486

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Every one loves a monster buddy to keep them safe. Gilly is the perfect stocking stuffer. Add him to your bundle order and earn extra credit from me plus free shipping. Gilly also comes with his own scent pack.

Sooo........ Message and text everyone you know and see if they want a little monster or buddy for their kids stockings orrrrrr if they say no...Will they donate money or a buddy to a buddy drive. Order them before the holidays and deliver them to kids in need

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Jill McCarthy, Scentsy Star Director

Known to most as Jilleysue, I truly found my place the day I found Scentsy. I was born and raised in Maine and moved to South Florida 15 years ago. During a time when things were not the greatest, even though I had a corporate job with a great title, I was looking for something I could call my own and also make new friends and connections.

I signed up for Scentsy secretly in August 2009 after many failed attempts at other Direct Sales companies. Deep down I truly thought I would fail at Scentsy too, so I started with the intent of only joining this one last company for the discount. Almost 7 years later, my Scentsy business has become so much more than a hobby or a discount. Scentsy has built up my confidence, help me realize my purpose and created lasting friendships that I could never imagine my life without. I am now proud to have people ask me what I do and I still get excited when people ask, "What is Scentsy.?" Now I yell from the rooftops.. I am Jill McCarthy, Scentsy SuperStar Director and I love helping business owners LIVE THEIR DREAMS!!