Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Director-Candice Lopez

We know you're going through a difficult time, make your selection of service, answer the questions and we'll do the rest.

Services: (Select One)

  • Traditional Burial
  • Traditional with Cremation
  • Cremation

Helpful Information

Burial service:
  • What are the wishes of the deceased?
  • What clothing are they going to wear?
  • When is the funeral to take place?
  • Where will the funeral take place, funeral home or church?
  • Do you have a Pastor or Clergy, or should we arrange one?
  • Do you want an open or closed casket?
  • Think about what type of casket, vault, or crypt.
  • Where is the final destination for the deceased and what type of burial?
  • Who will give the eulogy?
  • Think about special information for the obituary. (To be written by Eternal Rest Funeral Home).
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Cremation service:
  • Who are the next of kin for cremation authorization signature(s)?
  • What type of urn or container are you thinking about?
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  • Traditional funeral service with 1 day visitation: $5,400
  • Traditional cremation with 1 day visitation: $6,500
  • Direct cremation: $3,400
(Michigan Memorial. 2015).
Funerals and cremation can be expensive, we are here to help. We offer payment plans, with low monthly payments.

Unique Services

  • Celebration of life
  • Grief therapy
  • Non-traditional customs
  • Military funerals
  • Muslim traditions
  • Jewish traditions
(Culture Aspects of Funerals. 2015).


We are located at 5550 Ford Rd, Westland, Michigan. (734) 555-5500

Call us with any questions you may have and let us assist you with your needs.


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