The Cell Theory Development

By : Phong Nguyen

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Birth : October 24, 1632

Leeuwenhooke is known for the improvement of the microscope, which he later used to study pond water, sour milk, and semen; through these studies, he was able to discover moving molecules, later known as "animalcules".

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Robert Hooke

Birth : July 18, 1635

Hooke contributed to Christopher White's microscope, aside from Leeuwenhooke, and was able to make observations off of cork, a type of tree bark; he discovered a structure in the tree bark that he later named "cell" because the structure looked as if it were the rooms monks lived in.

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Felice Fontana

Birth : April 15, 1730

Fontana later researched into cells, specifically eel cells, to find that every cell had what contained something oval; this was later known as the nucleus.

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Robert Brown

Birth : December 21, 1773

Brown is known for Brownian Motion, the random movement of particles in fluids; this observation occurred when Brown was looking at grains floating, which he further went to find minute particles, such as amyloplasts and spherosomes.

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Felix Dujardin

Birth : April 5, 1801

Dujardin studied microscopic animals; this later found a new group he proposed to be named "rhizopoda", which later became "protozoa", as well as studying invertebrates.

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Matthias Schleiden

Birth : April 5, 1804

Schleiden took part in the founding of the cell theory with Schwann and Virchow; he helped in the evidence for, "all things are made up of cells" and "all cells come from existing cells".

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Theodor Schwann

Birth : December 7, 1810

Schwann put in his contribution to the cell theory with Schleiden and Virchow by discovering the cells in organisms, which also created the term metabolism.

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Rudolph Virchow

Birth : October 13, 1821

Virchow took the work of Robert Remak and came up with the discovery of, all cells come from cells in 1855, which built on the work of Theodor Schwann.

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Ernest McCulloch

Birth : April 27, 1926

McCulloch was a cell biologist who discovered stem cells, cells that can grow, with Till; this discovery led to the ability to do regenerative replacements.

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James Till

Birth : August 25, 1931

Till, partners with McCulloch, discovered the stem cell by testing the theory; he injected some cells, that were regenerative into mice that were exposed to radiation.

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Lynn Margulis

March 5, 1938

Margulis was a biologist who revolutionized the concept of how life was created on this Earth; she did this by using her theory of eukaryotic cell development.