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Did you know that every 13 seconds a child dies from a hunger related problem? Famine is a huge problem throughout Africa, and some of it is caused by land rights. What I mean by that is when people get forced out of their land they're forced into refuge camps which don't provide enough food for everyone. As you can see famine and refugee camps are a huge problem, and the organization I'm going to talk about helps with these problems all around the world!

We work with poor and malnourished people in refugee camps to make their lives better.

Our charity was created in 1972 and has been helping people ever since. A couple things they have done is help with food and agriculture, woman rights, and land rights. How you can help is take part in training, call your representative, and donate money. So there is a brief story of my charity.

How You Can Help

Here are some ways you can help. One way is becoming a fundraiser for ActionAid USA to spread your passion for our work while making a lasting change in the lives of people living in poverty. Another way is to invite your member of congress on a hearing of land rights. One last way you can help is assessing progress in Haiti.


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Harjeet Singh, Action Aid International, at COP17