VUS - 6C

Declaring war on Britain in 1812

Buildup to the War

Impressment - the British navy was capturing American ships and forcing sailors to serve in their navy.

In Chesapeake a British officer wanted to search an American ship and when they refused the officer opened fire and killed 3 Americans. Britain also began supplying the Shawnee with weapons after bringing many Native American tribes together to try and stop westward expansion.

British interference with American shipping and westward expansion fueled the call for a war.

War of 1812

A Democratic-Republican President named James Madison decided to go to war with Britain. Federalist didn't want to go to war, especially people in New England because they relied on trade with Britain. They began talking of secession and suggested constitutional amendment but it never happened.

Most of the battles were fought in the Great Lakes region. The British blockaded the East Coast to be able to raid port cities. In 1814 the White House was burned by the British. Andrew Jackson became very popular during this war after winning several battles in the South. The treaty that ended this war was Treaty of Ghent but it left many issues unresolved but throughout the years there were more treaties with the British.


  1. Was the War of 1812 necessary and why?
  2. How did the War affect US expansion?
  3. What battle did Jackson gain more popularity after the peace treaty was signed?
  4. What date was the peace treaty signed?
  5. Another reason for why some Americans didn't want to go to war?