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Elementary Coaching Cycle: October Schedule

October, just like September, is a little crazy for scheduling. As most of you know, I'm a forgetful individual at times. While I do send Reminds MOST of the time, a few occasionally slip through the cracks. To help with that, not only will I continue doing my best to send Reminds, but I will also be sending you invites to your coaching cycle meetings via Google Calendar. This method should add the meetings to your calendar as an additional reminder without you having to add them in yourself. And there's more... below is a third way to see and keep up to date on the calendar for the month! As always, if there are changes I will update you as soon as I know of them.

Monday10/1 No Meetings

Tuesday 10/2 No Meetings

Wednesday 10/3 5th grade (rescheduled)

Thursday 10/4 3rd grade (rescheduled)

Friday 10/5 NO MEETINGS

Tuesday 10/9 4th Grade Debrief

Wednesday 10/10 3rd Grade Intro

Thursday 10/11 Kindergarten Intro

Friday 10/12 1st Grade Debrief

Monday 10/15 4th Grade Intro Meeting

Tuesday 10/16 5th Grade Debrief

Thursday 10/18 1st Grade Intro

Friday 10/19 2nd Grade Debrief

Monday 10/22 5th Grade Intro Meeting

Tuesday 9/23 3rd Grade Debrief

Thursday 9/27 Meetings Cancelled

Friday 9/28 Meetings Cancelled

Monday 10/29 3rd Grade Intro Meeting

Tuesday 10/20 4th Grade Debrief

Wednesday 10/31 2nd Grade Intro (rescheduled)

Thursday No Meetings

Friday 11/2 K Debrief Meeting

Keep in mind, I do make mistakes from time to time. If you see anything that doesn't look correct in the schedule, please let me know.

What are the Coaching Cycles?

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Need to Meet with Me?

I enabled appointments within my calendar. By clicking the link below, you can select 15 minute time slots. You are more than welcome to choose as many slots as you need. This was meant to help with coaching cycle scheduling, but JRSR High staff you are welcome to use it as well. At this time the schedule is a first come first serve format. It does help me significantly if you fill out the box that pops up. It asks for a title, description, and location.

One word of warning, while the times are specific I do ask for a little bit of flexibility. There will be times that I will need to drive to other buildings before and after time slots, making me late. Be aware that if I'm running behind I'm likely on the road coming towards you.