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Gone are those days when people used to spend a lot on advertisements, banners, and posters to advertise their product or business. Now with the help of internet marketing you can advertise by sitting at your home. Using SEO tool Url Opener you can make your search better and fast, although SEO techniques does not give you instant results but with the help of SEO tool url opener you can improve your search and can get faster results.

There are number of SEO tools available on the internet. Some of commonly used tools are word counter which counts the no of words and character you type and also give the keyword density i.e. the keyword % occurrence in that article, Site Explorer-It keeps track on the list of visitors which are linking to the site, rank checker-Keeps track on your rank without sharing it with others and the list goes on.

One of the free open source tool which you can use if you get bored by typing the urls from your list of excel sheet in your browser one by one, than Quick Url Opener is the best option for you in that case. One of the best SEO tool which saves your time if you are working for an organization where making sales for the company is your foremost responsibility. With the help of this tool you can open number of urls by pasting it in text area of online url opener which will open all the urls for you on just a single click. This tool is easy to use which also gives you an option for saving the urls using Multiple Url Opener which you have entered into the text area. The saved urls will get saved in browser cookie. One has to be very careful as deleting the browser history or cookie from url opener which will result in the loss of your all saved urls data. One can use this tool by doing settings such as you want to open it tabs or need separate windows to open all urls. You can also make the count of your url which you have saved and which you have entered into the textarea. So people please try this tool and add productivity to your work if you really want to save your time. For more details regarding its usage you can visit us on Online Url Opener