Take Me Out to the Ball Game

By: Nicole LaBar - 3rd Hour

Summer Fun

On August 9, 2015 my family and I went to Miller Park for a Milwaukee Brewer game. The Milwaukee Brewers were taking on the St.Louis Cardinals. We traveled there by car and it took around two hours to arrive there. This event was part of our family vacation. We were sitting in row four of the second section. During the game, one of the Brewer player's Khris Davis hit two home runs. At the end, the Brewers beat the Cardinals 5-4.

Look At Me

The Science Of It...

Baseball connects to science through gravity. Gravity connects to baseball because it pulls down on the ball. An example is if you hit the ball horizontally (line drive), the ball moves very quickly away from home plate, but then hits the ground fast because of gravity pushing down on the ball. Another way baseball connects to science is Newton's First Law. Newton's Law says that a moving object will keep moving in the same direction unless an outside force acts on the object. This means that the baseball will keep moving in the same direction until the bat moves it.

I Wonder...

I wonder how fast the baseball leaves the bat?

I wonder how many people could hit a major league fastball?

I wonder how hard it would be to throw the ball from the outfield to home plate?

I wonder how long it takes for the ball to leave the pitchers hand to the catchers glove?


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