Panther Updates

News, Resources and Learning for Panther Staff, 8/7/17

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News of Note

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kindergarten TA Cameron Johnson who lost her mother last week. Please keep Joyce Baginski in your thoughts and prayers as her uncle passed away last week. We also wish Peggy Blocker's mother a speedy recovery following having surgery last week.

Thanks to the following staff that have set up and shared their plan books for this year. If you are not on this list please set up and use the plan books that have been purchased for you ASAP. Here are the directions to set your plan book up and then share your plan book with Kevin, Lara, Kayla, your team and specialists (Art, Music, PE, Media, Technology). Plans should be complete and ready for each Monday. Also, emergency plans are due. Please be sure to turn in your week of emergency plans to Kaye Person so that something is in place for emergency absences.

Kelly Stunda

Regina McKearney

Peggy Freer

Keri Woronka

Tara Chavis

Carolina Rich

Carrie Stepnoski

Claire Straub

Krista VanAntwerp

Maranda Nussbaum

Cathy Nanni

Track 1 & 2 Interim Reports should be sent home this Tuesday, August 8th. If any of the Interims are for Special Education students be sure to alert their case managers.

Fire Code and Safety:

Good news on today’s Fire Marshall inspection today. Thank you for your helping to make sure your classroom was up to code. Below are areas we need to continue to be aware of so that we continue to get good inspection grades.

  • If you have items that need to be removed from your classroom, please let Mr. Ward know before you put them in the hallway. We can't block the hallway due to fire safety issues.
  • Do not put items on the window ledge or block the window that opens (if one opens) in your classroom. There is a "no egress" ordinance that prohibits blocking exit areas. If you have curtains in front of the windows, they should be only half the height of the open window or shorter and must be fire retardant.
  • Do not use any air fresheners that plug in or any stringed lights that plug in.
  • Do not "daisy chain" cords.
  • If you have a rug that is small and not backed by rubber or in a way that keeps it from moving, secure it on the back with velcro or tape.
  • If you bring in item from home that are , get approval first.

Recess: Please make sure that you go on time to recess and leave on time. Please do not overlap times with other grade levels because you are tardy or leave late. Make sure when your group leaves the area that all items are taken with you. Please supervise your class and do not stand in one place- remind students to stay "in bounds." Also, remember to report all injuries to the office if a child requires medical attention.

Emergency Drills: Please make sure you know the procedures for lock down drills and other emergency drills so that you will be prepared. We will have a fire drill every month and other emergency drills as needed. The Lock Down Drill is usually at the beginning of the year, and the State-Wide Emergency Weather Drill is in March. However, events can happen at ANY TIME, so please be ready.


With our increased number of classes at lunch time it is increasingly important to come to the cafeteria on time and to pick up on time. Please communicate to students that the lights will be turned off once for a warning, twice for a 5 minute silent lunch, and a third time for the remainder of the lunch period. If a student talks during the period, they should be asked to sit at a side table and reported to the teacher when the teacher arrives. BE SURE TO CHOOSE TRASH COLLECTORS/CLEANERS/SWEEPERS before coming to lunch and tell those on duty.

Open House: One more Open House on August 24, 2017 for Track 4, 1st-5th grades from 6:00-8:15 PM. There will be a food truck again, so bring some cash!! (The Big Fish with Cucumber dressing is very good.) Please make plans to attend on the nights that are appropriate to your grade-level/students.

Thank You: Thank you to everyone that has attended the Open House events and the BYOD meetings. Coming after the day is over is hard and your extra effort to support our school is noted. Thank you, again.

FYI: Ms. Fricke will be out this week.

Tech Tools to Check Out

Google Keep:
  • Cross-platform note-taking app that can be used with

  • Ability to use with location and time-based reminders

  • Ability to use voice, images/photos, and handwritten notes/drawings

  • Harnesses Google’s collaborative sharing feature

Want to know more? Go to...

Google Keep 2017 Tutorial - Online Notes


Duties for the Week of August 7-August 11, 2017 (Changes may have been made due to staff absences, etc...)

  • AM Hallway: Shipley (Help greet parents/students, check with Ms. Person to see what is needed at the visitor sign-in tables or the carpool tag/ transportation table.)

  • AM Carpool: Bednar (Help Safety Patrol, call for more help if needed, monitor carpool lane)

  • AM Breakfast: Renfrow ( Work with students regarding lunch numbers, encourage students to eat and get directly to class.)

  • AM Bus: Lavin (Write down arrival times of buses.)

  • Lunch Duty: Lavin, Johnson, Bednar, Crum, Renfrow, McEwen, Brown, Narvaez - CHECK CHANGED TIMES BEGINNING THIS WEEK ON THE LUNCH SCHEDULE

  • (Work with one another to use the "warning" behavior system, train students to pick up trash/sweep, and inform teachers of issues. Update the seating charts in the notebook as needed.)*Shipley, Blocker, Garrett assist Lavin/others for coverage as needed. The office will contact you if necessary. Let the office staff know if help is needed, as well.

  • PM Hallway: Barber (Check all students for tags in the bus line. If a student does not have a tag, inform Ms. Britt ASAP. )

  • PM Carpool: Garrett, Narvaez (outside) Bednar, Cooper/Perry, (inside) Hymel (Call carpool numbers. If a parent doesn't have a carpool tag, give them one (Get blank ones and a pen from the office.) Alert parents beginning the next week, they will be required to park and come into the building to get a tag. This includes all grade-levels.)

  • PM Bus: Lamanna (Call one bus at a time. Write down arrival times. CHECK FOR BUS TAGS ON EACH CHILD'S BOOKBAG. Work with Britt and Barber to trouble-shoot, solve issues.)

**If someone is not available, staff members that are available may be called to assist.**