Touching god, Getting Gosple

To start receive god's love.

Original sin for the world

  • Maybe you will ask,If there have god,why today still have so much pain in the world?
  • It need to be found at the first human being be create-the Adam and Eve, who live in entirely no worry's world,the garden be gave by Lord-the Garden of Eden.
  • All the pain come from sin,and first sin from Eve doing,disobey God,Eve listened the counsel by Serpent and ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.Then,the sin be created and develops day and day.Cause we disobey Lord,the god of our Farther,always gives us the best consideration,we be out for the best life,and fall in pain.

Redemption-Word became Flesh

  • Sin's power is so large,and human power can not do anythings to change that.So there have no way back?Luckily,the answer is yes.
  • Lord of our father still loves us and try to find a way to save us from the sin
  • He wants let us come back his love.
  • He sent his Son for us,the Jesus Christ,the model of holiness to let us follow.He is the both human being and god,that the substitute for us to suffer and liquidate the sin,the sin not just before,but the present,even the future.
  • It let us reconcile man with God and allow us to share in his divine life.
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Redemption-Paschal Mystery

  • For the reason,Lord of our god is so powerful that the sin can not enter he,but his son Jesus,is god and people same time.For a people,he just likes us,walks and talks like a friend,but for a god,he proved he is a son for Lord and have divinity.He did many Mystery when he came to the world.
  • In the wedding at Cana,Jesus let the water turned to the wine.Then,the wine become a thing let us remember everything Jesus did.
  • He did a lot to prepare the Redemption for us.The Baptism of Christ is the sign for his business's start,and many Temptations he was ordeal,both the spiritual and material,to ordeal he could bear the sin or not.
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The Theological Virtues

  • The God let us become beautiful in the spirit.The Virtues of Theological give us the holiness.
  • The Charity is the most important one in the .It enables a person to love God above all things and his neighbor as him- or herself with the love of Christ.
  • It also mean the Love, what is the greatest virtue in the world.Jesus let us to love each other like him,or as God of our Father loves us.
  • Faith allow us to follow god,have relation for him and let us can unit God's love and save us.It elevates the natural intellect and moves the will so a person can assent to truths supernaturally reveled by God and put those truths into practice.
  • Hope gives the mind and will the power to trust God will give all the means necessary to achieve everlasting life.It let us believe God always with us and will put the things in the best.It let us won't give up the life,and to enjoy the world which God created.
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The Communication with God

  • For we know,God always with us,he know everything we want.But we need to communicate with him, we need to know how he what he tells us.The pray,is the dialogue with God.Pray can bring the power from God to us.Maybe sometime the thing we pray does not come ture,but God indeed receives that,he just has others plan,and it always prefect.We need to believe that God answers all the prayers.Prayer have many different types.
  • We can find the Prayer in the Bible,that kind prayers called Vocal prayer.There have the Prefect Prayer to tells us how to pray to God.
  • Mediatative prayer like a spriitual writing in order to discern God's will and apply it to one's life.And the Contempiative prayer is consists in abiding and resting in God's presence.
  • We also can pray for others.This kind of pray called Intercession prays,just like love each other.Jesus Christ also help us to transmit the prayers to God.
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The Four Marks of the Church

  • The four Marks of the Church are use to help the Christians to find Church.
  • At firt, the Church is One.What is the mean of Church is One?"There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call—one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Farther of all, who is over all and through all and in all" (Eph.4:5-6),Just like Lord of our Farther,who is the only God,Church is the only Church too.Church is the "Church of God“,all the Church is united for one.
  • Church recives the Holy from God,she is the part of Lord,so she is holy at all.It means she is free from sin,that she can assume our sins.Christians understand the holiness of the universal Church to derive from Christ's holiness.
  • Catholic,in there it isn't just mean the Catholicism.This word came from Greek means"universal",full and complete.The church can be anywhere in the world,and accpets anypeople.
  • The Church is Jesus built for the believers,so that is Apostolic,belong to the disciples to help them recevie God's Love.

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The last Things

  • Heaven and hell,you must don't feel strange.But what is that in Catholicism?What is the condition to go in?Here is some things about the final for the life,or the world.
  • Death,actually we needn't fear about that.The things we afraid death is we still have things love in the lift.Everyone have a death.In the last things,all the human being will fall in deep sleep,and the souls will come out when Jesus come again.
  • When Jesus come again,all the souls will get a Judgment,the man immediately refers his life to Christ,or to eternal the condemnation,be decide to go to Heaven or hell,or the purgatory.The only people know the time of Judgment is God himself.
  • Heaven is the state of everlasting life in which we see God,Become like him in glory, and enjoy eternal happiness.All the souls in Heaven are in the light of glory and have an immediate vision of God.
  • If we cannot be united to God unless we freely choose to love him,we will be in Hell,where have lasting pain and can never communicate with God, because our sin to against him.

The Parousia

Parousia in Greek word is mean"apparition",or Second Coming of Jesus.In that time,Jesus will appear at power and majesty as judge and establish his kingdom- which was inaugurated at the Incarnation-in all its fullness.In all the final victory of God, we will see why God allows the good to suffer and the wicked to propse.
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