In dem Haus Kapitel 1

Common pitfalls, tips, and alternative assignment

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Alternative Assignment

I am offering an alternative assignment this semester. Read on for more information!

Office hours every Tuesday at 4 p.m.!

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Ich beschreibe mein Haus PPT or alternative assignment --TIPS for being SUCCESSFUL!


Your assignment is to create a powerpoint over your house in German. Your

powerpoint must include the following.

• A title slide (This should include your name and a picture of your house if


• A slide for at least 4 rooms in your house. You should include a picture of

the room if possible (you may also use pictures of rooms from the internet)

• For each room, you must provide a written description of the room in

German. This should include the objects in the room and the location of at

least three of those objects in relation to the other objects in the room

using the two way prepositions. You should also make at least one

comment about the room in German or describe some of the objects in the


• Finally, you must record narration for your powerpoint. You can either

embed this in the powerpoint (record narration) or you may create a

separate sound file.


1) Not completing all parts of the assignment

2) Make sure that your nominative, accusative, and dative cases are correct in the sentence, as well as after 2-way prepositions.

Example: In meinem Zimmer gibt es einen Tisch, ein Sofa, und eine Lampe.

See link below for an interactive link to show how this sentence is composed and correct.

Location of assignment--Was musst du zu Hause tun?

On page 7 of the Content of the In dem Haus unit, look in the sidebar on the top right of the page. There is a powerpoint there that you need to download. Directions are in the powerpoint. It is located under "Handouts," and is titled "Modal Verbs speaking and writing assignment ppt."

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Was musst du zu Hause tun?-- Common Pitfalls

Please make sure to review telling time. I will post a news announcement in the course on this topic, since you may not remember from German I.

Common pitfalls:

1) Make sure to conjugate "muessen" with the subject. That means that the subject "ich, du, er, sie, es, wir, ihr or sie," must agree with the correct form of the verb. Just like in English, it is correct to say, "I have," and incorrect to say, "I has." The same in German! Please refer to the content for the correct form of the verb in German.

2) When using a modal verb, the verb 2 goes to the end of the sentence. (I will teach a lesson on this! Look for it under the links in your course.) A correct sentence would be:

Ich muss die Katze und den Hund um fünfzehn nach sechs füttern. (verb 2 goes to the end.)

3) Cases for nouns in a sentence are important and are often overlooked in this assignment. Namely you should focus also on the nominative, accusative cases, as well as after 2 way prepositions. (which is mostly also what this assignment was about). So make sure to focus on these elements as well.

4) Sie can mean she, they, or you formal. Sie muss (she has to) ; sie muessen (they have to), or Sie muessen (you have to sir or ma'am).