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Looking for Real World Math Problems?

Try Google Earth.

Real World Math is a free website with lessons based on Google Earth aimed at grades
5 – 10. See the article in Mind/Shift.

10 Ways Literacy Can Promote a Deeper Understanding of Math

10 Ways Literacy Can Promote A Deeper Understanding Of Math

"With the rise of new trends such as a flipped classroom and whole brain teaching, there is an emphasis on getting students more actively involved in learning in the classroom. And whether or not you choose to fully embrace either of these methods, we can all agree that we want students participating as much as possible.

When students are actively participating, they are learning. In math classes we typically involve students in the problem-solving side, but we don't often expect them to provide explanations."

TED Talk

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20 GIFS That Teach Science - really cool math and science demonstrations
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Math Glossary
Math LiveBinder

From Edutopia:

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