D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy)

Things you should know

What does a D.O. do?

A D.O. works on the Musculoskeletal system/neuro-skeletal system to heal certain muscles and bones with different techniques such as, mental manipulation to make your body think your body isn't hurt, or Chiropractic techniques to get your body back to normal.
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Education/Skills needed

You need the common sense, ability to learn, and the drive and passion for the medical field. To become a D.O. you need to go to a regular 4 year college, then got to medical school for 4 years and then go into a 2-3 year internship/residency. So basically a total of 10-11 years.
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Why Would you choose this career?

The career deals with a very interesting part of the human body. Also, if you enjoy working with people this a good job for you.
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Branch of science the career falls under

Life science because you are dealing with living human beings.
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Something interesting about the career

It is a branch of Sports Medicine because you are healing bones and muscles, also if you really think about it insurance doesn't cover this type of healing so you get paid in full. But you shouldn't do it for the money but for the enjoyment of helping people.
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