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How to Prepare for a Quick and Easy Tax Return

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How to Prepare for a Quick and Easy Tax Return

One of the most popular questions a personal tax preparation service in Sunnyvale receives is whether or not a client’s tax situation warrants full service tax preparation. While a few individuals with no dependents have a very simple tax status, most families and those who participate in tax-saving programs can benefit from the advice of a tax professional. Take the following two steps to prepare for your first appointment:

1. Gather Documents

The burden for providing accurate, comprehensive information lies with you, so gather all your forms as you receive them. Your return will be smooth and easy if you have the following ready:

• Identification, including Social Security numbers

• Copy of your past return

• Wage statements, such as W-2s, and 1099-Rs

• Interest statements

• Evidence of credits and deductions

2. Research Tax Credits

One of the main reasons to use an accounting service in Sunnyvale is to ensure that you receive all the credits and deductions you are eligible for and that they are calculated correctly. Consider these possibilities when compiling your records:

• Child tax credit

• Pretax contribution to retirement, HSA, college savings or other accounts

• Deductions for mortgage interest

• Deductions for charitable contributions

Your financial advisor can give advice on which deductions you may qualify to take. Preparing for your appointment with a personal tax preparation service in Sunnyvale will make the process quick and easy.