Blue Bear Notes

Mashburn Elementary - February 2022

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Dear Mashburn Families,

Thanks so much for your support in getting the 2nd semester off to a great start. I wanted to mention a few reminders:

Morning/Afternoon Carline:

  • The morning car line begins at 7:45 am and ends at 8:15. All students should be in the building at 8:20 am. Please plan to arrive at the car line no later than 8:10. Our staff has to leave the line at 8:15 to get in the building for their responsibilities.

  • As you enter the parking lot for the car line, please begin to prepare for your child's exit as they unbuckle, gather items, and say goodbye. Staff will be ready to greet students as they come to the cones for students to exit the car.

  • For safety reasons, students should only enter and exit from the passenger side of the car to prevent them from crossing the line of traffic.

  • We have as many staff available each morning and afternoon to help with the car line. Due to an occasional shortage of staff, we may not be able to open all car doors for the students to exit/enter your car. We will have a staff member at the beginning and end of the loading area. If you are between these two staff members, it is safe for your child to exit/enter the car by themselves. If they need assistance, we’ll help as best we can.

  • Please remember - the car line is on the side of the school and buses are dismissed in the front of the building. Please do not park in either parking lot and walk your child across bus/car traffic, unless you need to enter the building for a meeting or to drop something off. We understand that you do not want your child to be late for school, but walking across the bus or car traffic is not safe.

Thank you for your cooperation as we want students to arrive in a safe manner and in time to prepare for a successful day.


We are excited to be participating in the Read-a-Thon again this year. Read-a-thons actually get your reader excited about reading and it gives friends and family the opportunity to encourage your child to read even more. Our Read-a-Thon starts Monday, February 14, 2022. About one week before our Read-a-Thon starts we will send home instructions on how to activate your reader's personal page. This is where you will be able to view and record their progress. We encourage you to activate your reader’s account today by clicking on and following the simple instructions. We've chosen Read-a-Thon because it will not take much of your time, gives your child a reason to read, and helps in the development of stronger reading skills. We hope EVERYONE participates!

As always, thanks for everything you do to support our school! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Fonda Harrison

Interim Principal

Happy February! So much to celebrate this month. Black History Month, National School Counselor Week, Lunar New Year, & President’s Day! #mesallin

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A Message From Nurse Chason

Hello and I realize that the beginning of the new year has been stressful for everyone with the rise in cases of COVID but hopefully, with your help and the support of our great staff, your children will have a productive and healthy continuation of this school year. Just a few important reminders that I need to be aware of :

1) Please remember to also notify the school if your child has been exposed in the home to others who have tested positive for COVID. Also fill out COVID form linked under Quick LInks on our website & linked below if your child tests positive for COVID.

COVID-19 Positive Reporting Form

2) IMPORTANT: All parents of children who have returned to school and are no longer virtual: I will need to have the necessary forms filled out for any of your children who have medical conditions and/or require medication administration during the school day and a care plan that will outline what needs to be addressed for this medical condition. These forms can be found under the student support services link on Mashburn’s website under the link for the school clinic.

If you have questions related to these forms or cannot find them please email or call and let me know. If medication needs to be administered to your child during the school day, I will need your signature and a doctors signature, if prescription medication, and we will also need a care plan. If it is medication that is given on an as needed basis, I will only need your signature. Only exception for a care plan that is not needed, are antibiotics. You must bring these medications to my clinic during school hours and not place them in your child’s book bag to be delivered to me. Thanks for your assistance- I want to be able to give the best care I can to your child but I will need to have the necessary forms and medication to do so.

Thanks so much!

Nurse Missy

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Attendance Information

Please read below for attendance guidelines & directions.

To report an absence or if you have any questions about attendance please email Jorge Lara at Any excused notes must be turned in within five days of the absence.

If you are moving please contact Gini Kieffer at or 770.889.1630 x 752100

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If you have or know a student who needs extra support for grief and loss from death, divorce, deployment, or other trauma, please see the attached flyer and website link:
The Rainbows for all Children Grief Support Program begins on February 24th. The 6-week program will meet on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.

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Celebrate your student’s birthday or any special occasion with ice cream for the class! The cost is $30 and can only be purchased on If you have not registered at My Payments Plus before you will need your student’s ID number.

Please note that food purchased elsewhere may not be brought in to celebrate.

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Feb. 7th-11th: National School Counselors Week

Feb. 10th: Spirit Night @ Buffalo's

Feb. 12th: Mashburn 5K Registration Opens

Feb. 14th: PTO Board Nomination Period Opens

Feb. 18th: No School - Student Holiday

Feb. 21st: No School - Student Holiday

Feb. 22nd: No School - Student Holiday