Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

Author: Jack Gantos Report By: Isabella Wright Block: 1



Supporting Character

Joey Pigza's mom is a supporting character in the book. Joey's mom and dad got a divorce when he was little, and they both ran away. Joey's grandma took care of him for a while. One day, Joey's mom appeared at his house. Then, Joey's grandma ran away, and it was just Joey and his mom. Joey's mom loves him and he loves her too. Joey's mom tries to do what's best for him. She does have to tell Joey a lot of rules, so he won't be running around the house, or running outside the house doing what ever he wants.


The setting takes place in the present at a school. A lot of problems happen at school. For instance, Joey was sharpening pencils, and decided to put his fingernail in the pencil sharpener because it was too long. He ended up with a little bit of fingernail on his finger. Joey liked to do math drills at his school. That was his favorite thing to do in class. He was good at them too. Since math drills are after lunch, he can't really control himself after lunch. Sometimes, he would raise his hand to say the answer, and then say: "can I get back to you on that!" He would start laughing really hard after that, and almost fall out of his chair! The setting takes place in the present.

Book Recommendation

This book is a great one!! When you start reading it you won't want to stop! It is really funny, and just want to know what is going to happen next to Joey Pigza. When you read you will laugh out loud! I recommend this book to people who love to laugh! I think this book is for boys and girls ages ten and up. I love the Joey Pigza series, and especially this book! All of the Joey Pigza books are great! This book has some funny moments, but probably not funny to some people in the book!!

Conflict and Plot

The plot is when Joey goes to school, and he does not have good behavior. His teachers do not like him. That is why Joey has never been held back, because his teachers do not want him two years in a row! The conflict is man vs self. Joey takes medication that does not work. He needs medication or else he will be very hyper, and will not be able to control himself. He is first sent to a special education class at his school that he does not enjoy. Next his principal sends him to the special center downtown, and he was scared to go. He can't concentrate very well after lunch, which is when is medication wears off. He has to go to the special education center and was scared to go.


The theme in Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key is getting help is good. Joey didn't think he needed help and didn't want it. When he was at the special education center he didn't enjoy being there. The help was good though. Joey got better medicine and became calmer. Then, because he was better than before, he got to go back to his regular school.