Lean Jeans Transformation Contest

New Year 2014

Join our super successful Lean Jeans Program NOW! It begins March 3rd. You’ll be back in your pants that are 2 sizes too small at the end of only 6 weeks! This is the fifth edition of the Lean Jeans contest… We continue to run this program because our clients are AMAZED at their progress. While many people struggle for months and even years to drop a jean size or 2, YOU can do it in 6 weeks!
2/25/14 - Kickoff Orientation
3/3/14 - Official Start
4/12/14 - You are fitting in your jeans

Early Bird Registration Ends: 14 February

Price for those on membership
$89 for those on a membership, $109 if you want to upgrade to a 5x/week membership
Price goes to $109 after early bird and $149 for 5x/week after Early Bird

Price for those not on membership
3x/week is $239 Early Bird and $279 after Early Bird on 2/14
5x/week is $279 and after Early Bird investment goes to $319