Android App Map My Walk

A review of an exercise app

What does it do?

Map My Walk is supposed to track time, steps taken and distance traveled during walking.
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Map my Walk accurately tracks time as well as distance.

The app is also free, though a pro version exists too.

Does it work?

May My Walk does successfully time workouts and save them accordingly for free. However, it does not accurately track distance or number of steps over very short periods.

The app does appear to be better over longer distances though. Its step counter is more erratic and can take several seconds to update.

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Other cons

The app does require approximately 10 different permissions. Naturally, Map My Run does require location but the app also needs identity, contacts, photos, camera, microphone, bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi connection information.

There is no clear reason why the app requires all of these permissions.


If you are comfortable allowing this app have access to 10 different things, and are not interested in step counting, then this app is for you. However, keep in mind that some of the functions are a bit buggy/random, and that they don't always to as they are supposed to.