Share the Stella & Dot Love

Let's #sharethesdlove with Team Glambitious members

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Your secret stylist admirer is waiting...

Who doesn't love the the month of love? February is here- and we're doing something fun with our Stella & Dot Team Glambitious! Remember the anticipation of opening all the cards during Valentine's day at school? It's been so long since I got a Valentine.'s time to bring the love back!

Want to participate?
Email me with your name and mailing address- subject: "share the sd love"

You'll then get an email, with another stylist (who you might not know) on our team's address and name.

You then send her a LOVE NOTE. Here's the fun part!

Include 3 things~
  • Something you LOVE--- something small, $10 or under-- get creative!
  • What you LOVE about Stella & Dot --- one top TIP of something that is working for you or that you do with your business that others would love to hear
  • We LOVE you --- give a few hints about who you might be, so she might be able to guess her secret admirer.

You address an envelope and send to her this month! The sooner the better.

That's it! Super fun. Super easy. Share the love!

XO Amelia

PS When you get your love note... make sure to post on our team page... trying to figure out who it is and her TOP TIP to share with the team! #sharethesdlove

Amelia Keely

Star Director
Leader Team Glambitious

Kenmore, WA
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