media literate

Zachery Donnon

Media and Media Literate

What is media literacy or what is the media in general? The definition of media can be something different for everyone. My idea of the media can will be completely different from others or it may be very similar. When I see the word media I begin to think of a news room like one you see on the movies. It has cameras, lights, microphones and people all over the place. I suppose that would be considered a media room. Other forms of media can include ways of sharing information. Some examples of ways to share media is Social media. Social media is or has become one of the most popular past times of this generation often sharing more than we ever should. Other forms can include news websites that share current events that are happening in the world. This media is very important to the common people it show them the events in the world that they would not usually hear about. The way to sum up what media is to everyone I believe would be that it’s a form of sharing information to the masses of the public.

When someone is media Literate it means that they understand the media all together. At least that is what I believe what it means to be Literate in the media. I do believe that it is impossible to be 100% media literate because there is just so much information that a single person would not be able to understand everything. To be media literate is to understand the media and be able to read it.