Coyotes a invasive species

By Devin Hooker

How Are They Invasive

The Coyotes are animals and show up more and more as time goes by and as that population rises there are more incidents. There was a report where the coyotes and a man pine up on a high metal crate. The animals aren't dangerous but if provoked like any other animal the will defend their self.

The coyotes came to north Carolina in the 1980s and the bred more and more when they got here and they came from the mid-western part of America

coyotes are said to attack children and adults buts its rare but they will attack house pets or something that's not a leash

what you should do to help get rid of the coyote problem is to secure garbage,don't feed them in any way or help in the hunting of coyotes because the population is getting out of hand.