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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 5/2/16

Next Week in PLCs

This week during PLCs, you will be completing a short Professional Development survey that will help guide our faculty meetings next year. Please take time to think about what areas you feel you could use the most support in next year, and how our faculty collaboration could facilitate that.

The handbook committee will meet briefly in Ms. Glasgow's room to review final recommendations for handbook changes and adjustments for 2016-2017.

NWEA Testing

Grades 9 and 10--Tuesday May 3

  • Students will report to first hour for attendance, then be dismissed via PA to media center.

  • Mr. Bailey’s 1st hour class (9th and 10th graders) report to VLC for testing

  • Special Ed. students test in Mr. Bailey’s lab (H27)

  • All other students in grades 9 and 10 test in Media Center (130 seats):

    • 28 in lab

    • 6 on Hex outside of lab

    • 89 chromebooks + 7 laptops (there are 96 chairs on both sides, 4 kids per table

  • John Bailey will supervise a study hall in the Central Gym during periods 1-4. Students should be sent there if you are scheduled to help proctor in the media center and have a few kids left who are not testing.

  • Teachers with 9th or 10th graders will go to the media center to help proctor each period:

    • 1st: Barnes, Bules, Gilchrist, Karbler, Masson, Walter, Werner

    • 2nd: Barnes, Bules, Gilchrist, Barkow, Miller, Fero

    • 3rd: Barnes, Bules, Miller, Fero

    • SST: Barnes, Bules, Stepanek, Kruszka

    • 4th: Barnes, Werner, Kruszka, Masson

  • Media Center testing logistics:

    • Barnes, Bules, and Wood are all logged on as proctors; each one has a session set up with ALL 9/10 kids for one of the 3 tests. Example: Barnes has Reading, Bules has Math, Wood has Language. When kids finish one, they can move right on to the next, because it is a different session under a different proctor

    • John Bailey will be set up with study hall. If kids finish and their teacher is in the media center proctoring, they will go to his study hall. If their teacher is not proctoring, they can go to class.

Grades 7 and 8 --Thursday, May 5

  • All Students report to 1st hour for attendance. Students will be dismissed via PA for testing.

8th grade

  • Special Ed. 8th graders test with Mrs. Iseminger in the PLTW lab (H29)

  • All other 8th graders test in Media Center

    • 28 Lab +6 Hex + 21 Chromebooks

    • Spagna, Randall, Wood are logged in as proctors; each one has a session set up with ALL 8th graders for one of the 3 tests. Example: Spagna has Reading, Randall has Math, Wood has Language. When kids finish one, they can move right on to the next, because it is a different session under a different proctor

  • Other teachers with 7th and 8th graders help proctor each period:

    • 1st: Blaskiwiecz, Scheck, Wentz

    • 2nd: Werner

    • 3rd: Kruszka, Werner

    • SST: McCallum, Werner

    • 4th: Walter

  • 8th graders can return to class when they are done testing, unless their teacher is in the media center proctoring (or if they leave during SST and have Janssen, Glasgow, or Nedza).

7th grade

  • Special Ed. tests with Mrs. Iseminger in PLTW lab (H30)

  • All other students test in classrooms with Chromebooks

    • Glasgow: Last names Anthony-Hamilton (24)

    • Janssen: Last names Heidorn-Patterson (24)

    • Nedza: Pranckus-Young (23)

  • Testing Logistics:

    • Glasgow will have all (non-SPED) 7th graders in a session for Reading

    • Janssen will have all (non-SPED) 7th graders in a session for Math

    • Nedza will have all (non-SPED) 7th graders in a session for Language

    • Teachers will need to monitor testing sessions constantly to approve students who begin testing in other rooms. Teachers will call to each other if tests aren’t approved after 2 minutes of waiting.

  • 7th graders stay in their testing room until all 3 classes of 7th grade are finished testing

Final Exam Schedule

The Final Exam schedule is confirmed for the end of the year. Please begin to share this with the kids!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

NO PLCSs—Teacher Plan Time

1st hour 8:33-9:00

3rd hour Final 9:04-10:19

2nd hour 10:23-10:50

SST 10:54-11:24

4th hour 11:28-11:53

5th hour Final (1st ½) Normal

7th hour 1:16-1:37

6th hour Final 1:41-2:56

Thursday, May 19, 2016

2nd hour 8:00-8:34

3rd hour 8:33-9:12

1st hour Final 9:16-10:31

SST 10:35-11:12

4th hour 11:16-11:53

5th hour Final (2nd ½) Normal

6th hour 1:16-1:37

7th hour Final 1:41-2:56

Friday, May 20, 2016

2nd hour Final 8:00-9:15

SST 9:19-9:55 Senior locker clean out

1st hour 9:59-10:34

4th hour Final 10:38-11:53 Senior Lunch 12:00

5th hour Normal Graduation Practice 12:45

3rd hour 1:16-1:46 10, 11 locker clean out

6th hour 1:50- 2:21 7, 8, 9 locker clean out

7th hour 2:25-2:56 Underclassmen Awards

*PLC time on 5/18/16 will be plan time to compensate for any lost plan time over the course of the three days of finals.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Just a reminder that you may "dress down" and wear jeans on Tuesday in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day!

Also, don't forget to join us on Friday in H29 during your lunch period for a High School faculty luncheon!

Something to Make you SMILE!!! :)

Only two more Mondays left this school year!!!

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