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Term 1, Week 11 2014

WPS Technology News and TPL Week 11

This week in Stage meetings K-2 teachers identified four iPad apps to focus on in Term 2 to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Teachers will create a lesson using the dedicated app for the fortnight and share their lesson idea with the stage at one of the two sharing sessions planned for next term.

Don't forget to check out the iPad page on our Technology Team Weebly here.

Check out the iPad app tutorials on Learning 21st Century Snapshot here

Here is the link to the holiday session of Get Connected as a reminder for how to connect your iPad to your smart board for whole class iPad lessons.

Follow the link to this term's Get Connected session to see the apps presented by Laura Chaffey.

The apps chosen to try are:

Week 1-2: Art Maker or Steve Parish Postcards

Week 3-4: YAKiT

Week 5-6: Farmyard/Tellagami

Week 7-9: iMovie

Term 2 Technology Sharing Sessions

In Term 2, in addition to the weekly tech flyers I am hoping to hold two tech sharing sessions where you, the magnificent staff of WPS share with each other the fabulous lessons you have created to incorporate the use of ICT in classroom teaching and learning.

The plan is for the sessions to be held in Week 2 and Week 8. It would be great to see staff sharing a lesson idea or student work sample for 10-15 or even just 5 minutes. It has been great to see staff having a play with the beebots so please share any lesson ideas you have created to use them in your groups.

Also on the topic of sharing, thank you to staff who have shared some of their programs and resources in the share folder on the faculty drive.

News For School ICT Coordinators

Issue 9 is out now and includes:

  • Scheduled IT Outage, Business Intelligence for Public Schools, Moving PCs in an eT4L School, Great NSW PS Websites, eT4L HS Test Installs, iPads Apps by Age & Subject, iPad 2, Story Monster, Pinterest.

Previous issues can be found here

Story Monster

Story Monster

is a game where students design a hungry monster who loves to gobble up words. The greedy monster needs training to make well-structured sentences. The student helps the monster choose the right part of speech from a constantly moving selection of words. Once a sentence is complete the player can see it animated and hear it read out load.

PinkyDinky Doo Story Maker

Other Resources and ICT ideas

Web Tools

Check out our WPS ICT Weebly for lots of great links to web tools you can use in your classrooms to engage your students in learning and 21st Century pedagogy.

One example you might like to try is voice thread

Some examples of student work using voice thread:

Click on the right arrow to turn the page to the next slide

ANZAC Day Resources

Follow the link to ANZAC Day Resources curated by Glenys Goffett at Copacabana PS.

Wallsend Public School Web for Education Resource Weebly

I'll be updating our resource weebly in the holidays so please email me any links you may have found to add.