Water Utilization and Dispersion

By:Megan Pang, Haylee Cazares, Justin Walls, Khaldoun Hajjar

Water Usage

The average human consumes 50 gallons a day and a family of four uses about 6,000 gallons of water in a month (30 days).

One everyday task, such as a standard shower, takes up around 2.5 gallons per minute. The toliet is another everyday task that takes up about 1.5 gallons per minute.

California uses 22% for moving (10,300 GWH), 15% for farm use (7,400 GWH), 28% for househole/residential (13,500 GWH), 18% for commercial (8,700 GWH), 13% for industrial (6,000 GWH), and 4% for wastewaer treatment (2,000 GWH).

The picture to the left shows where California's water mainly goes to.

Water Distributation

Most of our water on our earth is salt water that comes from oceans.

Our small percentage of fresh water that we can drink comes from our rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and are locked away in glaciers.

The picture to the right explains the distribution of the salt water and fresh water on Earth's surface.

Water Conservation

Some ways to save water is to...

-don't let water run while you're brushing your teeth

-wash fruits in a pan, bowl, or sink

-wash your pets on the lawn so that you're washing also

watering the lawn

-fix water pipe leaks right away

-keep water inside you're pool