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Leonardo da Vinci


Many of Leonardo's paintings are well known and are very famous today. It is not known how many painting he did because many have been lost, destroyed, left unfinished, some have just been newly discovered as his. After some finger print that are matches on found on another painting (The Lady with the Ermine) many more paintings, that were thought to be other, are now claimed to be Leonardo da Vinci works.


While most of Leonardo da Vinci's drawing are lesser known some of the human anatomy studies were very important for science and art studies today. Most of these studies are sketches with notes about what was discovered or references for future studies.


There are no fully completed sculpture that are for sure done by Leonardo. There are some sculptures some think of to be Leonardo's work but with no proof we are left with two sculptures; an unfinished horse with out it's rider (1482), and a wax horse sculpture with its rider (1508-pictured below), Leonardo died before the model was made into a metal cast.
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Leonardo da Vinci thought of many invention ideas way ahead of his time. Although many were never made past the model stage, and some never got past the drawing, they have influenced many inventors and engineers much past his time.