Geography project


36 percent of Victoria is covered in forest like Sherbrooke forest and The mountains are Mt Bogong and Mt Feathertop and Australian Alps.


Temperatures go all over the place but most of the State falls within the warm, temperate belt of the south-east corner of Australia characterized by warm and dry summers and cool to mild wet winters.Daily summer temperatures range from 14 to 23 C in the coastal areas 11 to 20 C in the mountains and 16 to 31 C inland. In winter temperatures range from 7 C to 14 C in coastal areas 0 C to 5 C in the mountains and 5 C to 16 C inland. Snow on the Australian Alps in the north-east of Victoria from June to September.

Plants:Cirsium vulgare, and Epacris Impressa are the main plants you would see in Victoria.


dingo,wombats, and platypus are some of the animals you would see in Victoria

Natural resources of Victoria

Gold,uranium,iron ore and petroleum. The main natural resource of this area is petroleum.


  • In 1770 Coming from New Zealand James Cook of Britain found Australia.
  • In 1803 the British settlement sent prisoners to Sydney, Australia.
  • In 1850 huge gold rush swept Australia including Victoria.In Result of the gold rush 1901 federation.

  • World war one and two sided with the Britain and the U.S.


the main religion is Roman Catholic.


They have a broad education system, they achieve academical success.

Problems of Victoria

  • They also don't have much of public transport in Victoria.
  • They need more workforce in the health department.