Saranac PD Day

November 2, 2015

Personalize your Day

Our November 2 PD Day will offer 4 session choices that support indicators within 5D+. Please review the following descriptions and select your preferred sessions. We will do our best to schedule you into your top choices.


8:00-8:15 Introductions

8:15-11:00 Session 1

11:00-12:00 Lunch (on your own)

12:00-2:45 Session 2

2:45-3:00 Survey and Reflection

Session Choices

Teach Like a Pirate

If your students didn't have to be there, would you be teaching to an empty room? This is one of the driving questions in Dave Burgess's book, Teach Like a Pirate. Jenison Public Schools Principal, Rachael Postle Brown and teacher, Michelle U'Ren will share how they set their sites on student achievement through strategies to hook students into learning. They plan to inspire you to bring your own passion into the classroom to increase student engagement. You will walk away from this session will multiple ideas for engaging hooks to grab your students attention and keep them running into your room each day.

SE 2, SE 4, SE 5, CEC 1, CEC 3, CEC 4, CEC 5, CEC 6, CEC 7

100% X Three

Ryan Ford, Instructional and Classroom Management Coach and Lance Sumpter, Assistant Principal from Flint Beecher HS aim for 100% engagement from 100% of the students, 100% of the time. This session will focus on how they use systems, goals, and mindset changes to achieve this expectation. Beginning with basic classroom management and moving all the way through increase rigor, strategies they have found successful with their students will be shared.

SE 2, SE 4, SE 5, CEC 1, CEC 2, CEC 3, CEC 4, CEC 5, CEC 6, CEC 7

What Works in Education - A Look at Best Practices

....using best practices.

That's a best practice.

Is this a best practice?

What's a best practice anyway?

One of the problems with teaching is that there's a temptation to evaluate what we do in the classroom based on how clever it is, how it aligns with a larger philosophy, or even how gratifying it is to use, not necessarily how effective it is in driving student achievement. Strategies may not be glamorous, but they work. Robert Marzano is a respected researcher in the educational field. Kelly Piercefield, Ionia ISD ELA Consultant will share his research-based best instructional practices for effective teaching and learning.

SE 1, SE 2, SE 3, SE 6, CEC 3, CEC 4, CEC 6, CEC 7

How to Maximize Instructional Time

How much time do you spend redirecting student behaviors? Explicitly teaching classroom procedures and establishing daily routines can help your class run more smoothly and provide clear expectations for your students. Join Keriann Poquette, MTSS coordinator and behavior specialist for Central Montcalm Public Schools, as she shares research based strategies to help identify what procedures and routines can increase time you have for instruction and how to establish them in your classroom.

SE 2, CEC 3, CEC 4, CEC 5, CEC 6, CEC 7

Data Collection Survey

One of our presenters has asked that ALL teachers complete this survey to provide useful data to be reviewed during the session. Please complete this survey below, then use the form under it to indicate which sessions your prefer to attend.

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