North East Region U.S.

By: Ian Fleischman

Geography of The North East

The North East region is in the North East of the USA.

New Hampshire, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

Some Major Land Features of the N East are: Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Coastal Plains, Great Lakes, and Adirondack Mountains. The climate in the North East is Cold and Wet.

History of The North East.

Some early settlers were: The Pilgrims, Roger Williams, and Anne Hutchinson ( The were mostly from England and they made one of the first English settlements in America). The natives were called "Indians". After the American Revolution they became part of the U.S.

The only conflicts was the Civil War between most of the North East states and the Southern States.

Economics of the North East

Most of The Natural Resources are produced from Factories in the N East.

Some Major Companies of the North East are: Washington Post, New York Times, Comcast, and Fox.

Some Imports of the North East are: Machinery, Plastics, and Crude Oil.

Some Exports of the North East are: Motor Vehicles, Air crafts, and Pharmaceuticals.

The unemployment rate is %7.9.

The employment rate is %8.6.

The transportation in the N East is mostly cars and subways.

Some Historic sites are: Plymouth Colony, Harvard University, and Independence Hall, Empire State Building.

Carnegie Museum, Museum of Natural History, Central Park, and Central Park Zoo.

Pro Sport Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Brooklyn Nets, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Pirates.


The total population of the North East is 55,317,240 people.

Half of the North East has a High Outbound and Half has Balanced.