Monarchs in Mesopotamia

great rulers from all time periods


Every day our wonderful monarchs of Mesopotamia do great things for our civilizations. Take a look about the hottest news on our kings and queens!

Queens of mesopotamia

Queen Shub-ad

We recently found a letter from one of queen Shub-ad's maids that she wrote to her family that read:

Dear Family,

I am sorry to say I am not able to stay with you any longer. I have sacrificed my life for our beloved Queen Shub-ad. I am serving her now in another world. She's our goddess who needs protection.


your mother Anika

This letter shows that people love their monarchs. 74 other people also poisoned themselves For her. So inspirational!

Queen Enheduanna pulled from her position of high-preistess!

Enhdeuanna, a very inspirational poet was given the position of high-preistess by King Sargon. When he died, she got pulled from her honorable role just because she was a girl! To express her feelings she wrote many inspirational poets. ".....Even my sex is dust" she wrote.

Queen Shagshag's job opening

Queen Shagshag has many, many helpers as you know, but she needs more! Come down to the ziggurat if you want to be hired! Starting at 12 shekels of silver a week!

Kings of Mesopotamia


Gilgamesh Slays another lion with his bear hands! Way to go Gilgamesh! Our ruthless leader protects from all harmful things entering Uruk. If you want to more thrilling and shocking stories, go purchase the Epic of Gilgamesh today! A stories of friendship, mortality, strength, and defeating monsters!


Ashurbanipul recently added a library to Nineveh! It is the first library of mesopotamia! This brutal military leader sends scribes to collect his text. He actually is the only monarch that is educated and into learning! He was a scribe at young age.