Tried, Tested and Transformed

Sir Arthur Currie and His Life Story

Forging a Nation: 1914-1929


Hello! I am Sir Arthur Currie. I was a Lieutenant-General in the first world war. The job that I had in the war was to plan out the attacks on the Germans. After the war I was appointed many different positions and different tittles. There were many different controversies and different parts to my life. Eventually it all caught up to me and in 1933 I died in Montreal. Here is my life.
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While most of the countries thought that Generals were commanders of Lions as the generals themselves were donkeys. We were right there with the lions as the tamers!

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Life was different after the war, new jobs, different situations and my heroism didn't last very long.

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While life settled down a little bit, life got a little back to normal. Some people couldn't keep it that way and I got involved with another part of that 1919 scandal. We Canadians changed for the better (mostly) and I have been proud to be a General for the Great War.

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