Mallory Gregory

4-3-2-1 Smore

4 Take-Away's

  • Endless classroom "tools"
  • Getting to utilize Marzano's suggestions/reflective teacher
  • Technology ideas for the class (really like smore)
  • Getting the opportunity to know the other new hires at my school

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2 Tips for Improvement

2 Tips for Improvement

Tip #1: Have teachers get this information after teaching for about 5 years. Right now I am putting a lot of these on my "bookshelf" to pull out down the road. I feel overwhelmed with new curriculum and getting settled.

Tip #2: Allow more time for the technology portion of each session to learn more tools and get the time to work with them.

1 Surprise

How incredibly friendly, calm, and professional the high school staff and faculty are to work with. How great the students are I am blessed to work with.